We gotcha Covered at Hubcaps Unlimited

Rick Dynek was down to his last unemployment check in 1980 after he was laid off from Bostrom Seating, Inc., when he had an idea. That idea was to start collecting automotive hubcaps. “Actually the idea came from my father” said Don Dynek’s son, who on March 15 expanded his business to open “Hubcaps Unlimited” at 4262 so Howell Ave.
“They called us Sanford & Son,” said the younger Dynek after his father had acquired a number of hubcaps at flea markets. ” I started by getting hubcaps out of the back of his truck.” “I invested $125 to start,” he continued. “I bought covers from a salvage yard and at flea markets after noticing a demand for them” Dynek operated the business for seven years out of his garage at home. “I worked with dealers,” and provided insurance replacements, Dynek said. “There is a lot of nostalgia about caps,” he added.
Today Dynek stocks singles and sets from “the 1940’s to 1988.” Yes, at least one ‘88 model — for a Lincoln — is available. Dynek stocks about 10,000 wheel covers the new and replacement covers are made from materials including ABS Plastic, Chrome, and Steel. The top of the line models are made from Stainless Steel. Dynek’s caps are priced from $5 to about $300 for a set of wire covers for an Eldorado.
Dynek, who has cleaned hubcaps with a toothbrush, advises auto owners to purchase a special cleaner to brighten caps. Some of Hubcaps Unlimited products are made by the original manufacturer. Some have come from as far away as Taiwan. Dynek also offers trim rings or center caps for newer cars, RV covers, and Stainless Steel Rocker Panels, which can be affixed to a car by simply stripping the adhesive on the back.
Dynek, who said he is one of the state’s largest wheel cover outlets; provides covers for all cars and trucks. The shop, which is run by his wife Cynthia, is open from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. on weekdays and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays.

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